Our professional technicians will carefully take your item apart and package the individual sections. They’ll be moved to the new location (as needed) and then reassemble you piece. It should be obvious that this isn’t just something anyone can do, you need a skilled expert or else you’ll be left with regret. Taking apart furniture can be easy, but reassembling it and making it look as good as new takes talent. That’s why so many people turn to a professional to simplify their move through this process.
Ever wonder what furniture can be dismantled and assembled we can answer those questions for you. Most things CAN be disassembled and reassembled. Most of your furniture was once in pieces and was just assembled at the factory and delivered to your home. You can contact us if you have concerns for the kind of furniture you have, that you think we cannot take care of. We would love to hear from you fill out our service form in the link above.
Disassembly and Reassembly are a big part of our services. We can disassemble and assemble back almost everything and have largest experience in the field.

  • Day Beds, Headboards, Footboards
  • Futons, Particle Furniture, Pool Tables
  • Sofa, Sectional, Couch, Love Seat, Chair
  • Sofa Bed, Sleeper, Recliner, Modular items
  • Bunk Bed, Murphy Beds, Wall Beds
  • Wall Units, Entertainment Units, China Sets
  • Desk, Cabinets, Shelves, Hutch
  • Office Furniture, Cubicles, Partitions, Work Stations
  • Ottoman, Chaise Lounge, Wedge, Settee
  • Tables, Conference Tables, Plexiglas
  • Dresser, Drawer chests, Armoire

Our restoration and repair services include:

Restoration, upholstery, color matching, refinishing, reinforcing, recreating, cleaning, fill-in, installations, stuffing, frame repair, broken springs, scratches and dent removal, touch ups and more!

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